A year ago I wasn't sure I could ever run again. Dr. Claudia's treatment made it possible for me to finish another marathon. - Peter C.


I had never seen a chiropractor before, but a recent back issue finally prompted me to give it a try. Not only did Claudia address my physical problem, she also helped me learn some new lift habits that should help me avoid the same problem in the future. Knowledgeable, personable, and skilled, she has a great touch. I liked her insights, especially for someone like me who's active in the outdoors. I'd recommend her highly. - Gary B.


After ankle fusion and two total knee replacements in a five-year period, Claudia used her entire repertoire of manipulation, massage, active release, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and laser light therapy to help me heal and regain my strength, providing me with specific exercises to do on my own that substantially reduced my pain. In this day of rushed medical attention we so often receive, Claudia carefully listens to what one's problems are and provides thoughtful holistic care in her office, supplemented with instructions in how one needs to move one's body every day to improve and to prevent future problems. - Margie T.


When I first limped into Dr Holderegger’s care, I had chronic Achilles tendonitis so severe that even wearing a sock hurt. I’d tried everything: over eight years I saw my PCP, an Orthopedic surgeon, two chiropractors, and three different acupuncturists. Each gave me excellent treatment, but relief was temporary. No matter what, pain and restricted movement returned. I quit jogging. Even daily walking became painful. Dr Holderegger focused on the underlying cause of the problem and successfully reduced the chronic inflammation and scar tissue. I’ve been pain free for over four years now, with no relapses. Hiking and skiing are joyous again! - Sylvia C.


Claudia Holderegger has been the primary health care referral for the Coordinate Movement Program at Portland State University for the past two years. I have sent her numerous students who have unanimously reported improvement in their symptoms and flexibility. Her broad base of knowledge and intuitive gifts as a healer combine to provide the optimal intervention for injured musicians. - Lisa Marsh