Plan to spend a total of 1 ½ hours at our office for your first visit. You can save some time by downloading your intake paperwork and filling it out in advance. Please arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of your appointment time in any case, 20 minutes if you have not yet filled out your paperwork.

Appropriate clothing will make it much easier for the doctor to assess your posture and movement. You are welcome to bring your own clothing such as loose pants or shorts and a tank top or sports bra, or you can use the gowns and shorts we provide at the clinic. A private changing room is available. If you are being seen for a running injury, please bring your running shoes with you. If you are an injured musician and your instrument is portable, please bring it with you as well. Also, please bring any x-rays or other imaging you may have. If they are with another doctor's office, please mention it to our receptionist when you check in, so that we may request that they be sent over.

Depending on your condition, expect to spend up to one hour with the doctor. Dr. Holderegger believes that taking time to listen to your story is essential to finding the exact diagnosis of your condition. She will perform a thorough physical examination of the area of your complaint as well as the rest of your spine and body as it relates to your condition. Before rendering any treatment she will explain your diagnosis and treatment options and answer any questions you may have.

Since in-office care is just part of your treatment, expect to leave with a few simple home care instructions to help sustain the treatment benefits to your next visit.

Most conditions do not require x-ray diagnosis. If necessary, Dr. Holderegger will refer you to an imaging facility such as Epic Imaging or to your primary care doctor.

Subsequent visits usually take 20-30 minutes. We respect your time and do our best to stay on schedule with all appointments.