Dr. Holderegger's goal is to help you restore and optimize your body's movements, so that you can do what you'd like to do without pain or worry. When all parts of the body work in harmony, the stress on muscles, ligaments and joints decreases. Movements become smooth and light. This means that you can do more with the same amount of effort. Your body can handle more stress without getting injured. And you will once again be able to enjoy the feeling of free and relaxed movements.

To achieve this, Dr. Holderegger uses a two-pronged approach. First, focused in-office treatment to restore mobility to your joints, muscles and fascia. Second, carefully selected home exercises to re-train and optimize your movement patterns. Used together in a coordinated fashion, these two treatment methods build upon one another. One picks up where the other leaves off, always moving you steadily towards your goal.

Dr. Holderegger has specialized training in many different treatment techniques. This allows her to specifically tailor every patient's treatment to his or her individual symptoms, complaints and ability.

Spiraldynamik Fascial Manipulation Chiropractic Adjustments
Rehabilitative Exercise Graston Technique TM Therapeutic Taping
Physical Modalities Intelligent Training  


Spiraldynamik is the leading, state-of-the art movement concept in Europe. It is the guide to the treatment of any movement problem. Spiraldynamik principles show the way to effective and lasting movement training and therapy. They apply to the big picture of posture or gait or the detailed movement in one small joint, ordinary movement such as walking or specialized movement such as pitching or playing a musical instrument. Spiraldynamik therapy is used with great success in professional and amateur sports, dance and performance art, postural training in children as well as adults. It is also effective as treatment of chronic pain and arthritis, as an alternative to surgery, and facilitates recovery from injuries including auto accidents.

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Fascial Manipulation

FM addresses restrictions in the fascial system. Fascia is the tissue that surrounds our muscles and forms tendons, ligaments and joint capsules. It is the tissue that connects all parts of the body and gives us our shape. Restrictions in the fascia act like internal straight jackets. They limit movement and force the body to find other, less efficient ways to do what we demand of it. Pain, stiffness and both weak and tight muscles can be the result of fascial restrictions. Fascial Manipulation releases these restrictions and activates the body's own "clean-up crew" to make sure they stay gone for good. Once the body is free, it gladly returns to normal, pain-free movement patterns.

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Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Holderegger generally uses adjustments only after muscle and fascial restrictions have been released. If this critical step is overlooked, adjustments are not as effective as the joint gets pulled right back out by the continuing soft tissue tension. Releasing this tension first also allows for great results with less forceful and gentle methods such as pelvic blocking and instrument or drop-table adjusting. Dr. Holderegger also uses regular manual adjustments as needed.

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Rehabilitative Exercise

The exercise instructions you bring home from Centered in Motion will likely be quite different from other rehabilitative exercises you have done in the past. Your exercises will reflect the movements and demands of your lifestyle, so that you are training your body in a way that is applicable during everyday life. The how is much more important than the what or how hard. This is why Dr. Holderegger will give you few but targeted exercises that focus on developing your body awareness and improving your coordination, flexibility and strength.

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Graston Technique (GT)

GT is a patented, instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively detect and treat scar tissue and restrictions that affect normal function. GT excels at relieving fascial restrictions that are too severe or painful to treat with movement based techniques.

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Therapeutic Taping

Tape applied after a treatment serves as an ongoing reminder to the body that carries the treatment effects into daily life. In addition to giving structural support, it gently but effectively enhances your body awareness during all activities. Treatments last longer and recovery is quicker with the help of tape. And best of all, it does so without your having to think about it all the time!

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Physical Modalities

Ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cold laser and hot/cold therapy are great to control the pain and inflammation of an acute injury and to prepare the body for deeper treatment of chronic pain.

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Beyond Rehabilitation: Intelligent Training

Chris McDougall wrote: "The athlete who avoids injury will leave the competition behind."

Most athletes are very familiar with the rehabilitation process after an injury; those weeks or months lost recovering and working to regain their performance level. How about spending that time up front - with a two-fold reward of avoiding injury and improving performance? Like the football player who invests time in fine-tuning and strengthening hip stability, thus drastically decreasing the risk of an ACL tear while improving his explosive and turning speed. Or the pitcher who optimizes the flexibility of his ribcage, avoids a rotator cuff injury and improves both accuracy and speed of his throw. The list goes on.

Better yet, the benefits of intelligent training reach far beyond improving athletic performance. An injury-free state has a positive impact on overall health, both directly through improved well-being and indirectly through letting you not just perform, but enjoy movement. We all know that the number one way to prevent most of the diseases that plague us today is to exercise more and eat better. Unfortunately fear of disease is a poor motivator. Fun on the other hand will draw you back again and again. So what better way to improve your health than to enjoy the feeling of your body moving, to have fun participating in your activity of choice!

At Centered in Motion we help you fine-tune your training routine so that it optimally addresses both your specific challenges and the demands of your sport. Tell us your goal, and we help you reach it.

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