“I have been told that I will never be able to (fill in your activity) again.”  

We have heard this sentence many times. Usually the offender is a “worn out” joint, disc or ligament and you’ve been told your body just can’t withstand the stress of the activity anymore. While that is true in some cases, in many more cases it is not.

Just think about how you got to where you are. Is the activity inherently bad for you? Look around – can you think of other people who have performed the same activity for years? How come they don’t have the same problem? The truth is, it’s not WHAT you are doing that’s causing the problem, it's HOW you are doing it.

At Centered in Motion we analyze your movement patterns and help you adjust them so that you use your body intelligently. This way we alleviate the stress on the “worn out” area and return to your body the reserves it needs to safely handle what you are asking it to do.

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